Manufacturing Needs to Be Major Priority

New report calls into question U.S. dependence on foreign suppliers

This past July a report was filed by former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security Robert B. Stephan in which they called into question the United States’s excessive dependence on foreign suppliers, especially in the wake of a catastrophic event. Essentially, this report stated that the U.S. runs the risk of being dangerously unprepared for serious emergencies due to the off-shoring of critical manufacturing sectors and a reliance on foreign suppliers for products that are needed during a time of crisis.

This report was released by the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) and it states that the U.S. desperately needs to revitalize its manufacturing capacity to reduce vulnerability. What vulnerability, you may ask? The report claims that with an increase in natural and man-made disasters, along with an increase in cyber-attacks and pandemics, the U.S. cannot afford to rely on foreign partners for the majority of critical supplies. “Relying on a potentially hostile trading partner in a time of need puts our national security at risk,” the report states. Does it really though? Are we at risk simply by allowing the bulk of our manufactured supplies to come from other parts of the world?

This is the question we pose to you. Certainly, we understand that the world is full of hostile intentions and hidden motives, but does something as simple as where our supplies come from really pose a potential threat to our national security? If so, how can we combat this? The argument can be made that in times of catastrophe we are certainly much more vulnerable if we have to rely on outside suppliers to give U.S. citizens vital supplies.

Does the solution simply involve a revitalization of American manufacturing? Also, how does this effect larger producers like Whirlpool and Electrolux, considering the recent Department of Commerce decision regarding “dumping?” Will we see an increased separation in business traffic between these two major producers of appliances?

Our reliance on foreign suppliers is a fact, not an opinion. We do rely on foreign suppliers for everything ranging from steel, cement, batteries, and critical high-technology components to every day medical supplies like antibiotics and penicillin. The potential result could be that the U.S. will not have the access it needs to everyday supplies and therefore will experience delayed shipping along with poorer quality of some imported products. But fact ends and opinion begins in deciding whether it is an issue worthy of reaching all of our concerns. Has the time finally come for American manufacturing to take a stand?


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Maytag’s Milestone Machine

Maytag plant makes millionth washer 35 weeks after opening

Less than a year after launching, the Maytag automatic washer assembly plant in Clyde, OH last week produced its one-millionth washing machine. The milestone machine was a Maytag Centennial model, although the plant also assembles Bravos X top-load and Maxima front-load washers.

Opened last summer to manufacture a new generation of laundry appliances, the plant maintains a high level of manufacturing efficiency that enabled production of the first one million washers in only 35 weeks. Previous product launches have taken three to five times longer to reach the same milestone.

“We removed an assembly line that had been producing thousands of units a day for more than a quarter of a century and re-built it from the ground up,” said Alan Holaday, vice president, manufacturing operations, North America Region, for Maytag. All new-generation appliances made in the plant are higher capacity units that offer energy and water savings.


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Latest Report: Appliances are Going Green!

According to the latest 2011 Appliance Industry Forecast report issued last week, future appliances will be smarter and greener. This report is structured to provide professionals working in or servicing the appliance industry insight with an understanding or the short-term and long-term impact of the economic recession, market challenges and opportunities, as well as valuable consumer buying trends.

Snapshots from the report:
• Samsung Electronics is betting on smart appliance technology in its bid to become the biggest global producer of refrigerators by next year.
• LG Electronics plans to leverage its extensive library of consumer electronics technology currently used in its cell phone and PC business to make its major appliances SmartGrid compatible.
• Haier Group plans to bring its Smart Life connected-appliance technology, already marketed in China, to the U.S. Smart Life-integrated refrigerators, air-conditioners, and wine cellars use the Internet, mobile communication, and fixed phone networks to let users control home appliances remotely.
• Whirlpool Corp. said it will remain focused on getting the highest return on every unit, introducing higher-margin appliances while achieving better efficiencies through the addition of green technologies, and to promote growth in emerging markets.
• Electrolux also is focusing much of its developmental efforts on the growing, high-margin built-in appliance segment, and in making its appliances more energy and water efficient.

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Air conditioner universal support brackets offered by AP Wagner can make sure your window unit is secure. The brackets depending on the model can support up to 160 pounds. Universal support brackets are built for all weather use and easy indoor installation, eliminating the need to work outside.

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  • Universal design adapts to any window unit
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