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Whirlpool 4396508 KitchenAid Refrigerator Water Filter

Whirlpool 4396508 Water Filter

Whirlpool 4396508 KitchenAid Refrigerator Water Filter - Sale price: $35.79 -- You Save: $7.69

Used in Whirlpool and KitchenAid refrigerators. The Whirlpool 4396508 KitchenAid Side By Side Refrigerator Water Filter reduces bad taste, odor, lime scale buildup, chlorine, dirt, and rust in your water and ice.

For use with:

  • Refrigerators from Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and others
  • Side-by-side refrigerators (Freestanding, Counter Depth, and Built-in)
  • Manufactured 1998-Present
  • Filter located in bottom front of refrigerator
  • Turn release

Remember your refrigerator water filter should be changed every 6 months.


Does your refrigerator water taste bad?

When is the last time you change the water filter?
Refrigerator Water FilterRefrigerator water filters should be replaced every 6 months. If your refrigerator water filter was last replaced longer than 6 months ago the filter loses effectiveness leading to the possibly of odor and what some describe as a plastic taste in their water and ice.

Sometimes just replacing the water filter is not enough to correct the problem. There has been instances where bad taste and odor in refrigerator drinking water and ice continues after the filter change.

In the event the lines leading to the refrigerator are plastic bad taste and odor can be caused by chlorinated water running through them. A result the carbon filter will be ineffective. One resolution is using a cleaning solution to clean the ice maker and bin. Another resolution is reverse osmosis for the sink and an attachment for the fridge.

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Why doesn’t my icemaker make ice?

The water filter may be plugged with sediment, or you may have low

Icemaker Water Flow Tester $79.00

Icemaker Water Flow Tester $79.00

water pressure. The water pressure for icemakers needs to be at least 40 psi, and up to about 120 psi for proper operation. Water filters need to be changed every six months. If you would like to test your water pressure, buy an Icemaker Water Flow Tester. This will help you to determine if the water pressure at the supply line is high enough for the icemaker to function properly.

To determine if your filter is plugged, look for water both before and after the filter. It may be hard to determine if there is water flowing through the filter. Sometimes it is necessary to pull the filter out of the feed line to see if water is flowing from the exit of the filter into the refrigerator or freezer. You can do this over a bucket to catch any dripping water. Some models have a filter bypass plug to help determine if the filter is clogged. If so, you would remove the filter and replace it with the filter bypass plug. Now test your water flow.

Water Filter Bypass Plug -$13.76

Water Filter Bypass Plug -$13.76

If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, you can hold a large cup or glass under it for 20 seconds. You should have poured about 13-14 ounces of water in during the 20 second period. If you did not receive that amount, try removing the filter and bypassing it. If you now get the 13-14 oz. of water, the filter was clogged and it’s time to replace it. If not, you have low water pressure in the line, and your icemaker may not work properly.

On occasion, the water inlet tube will freeze where it enters the icemaker. This can happen because the water is dripping slowly, or the freezer is just set too cold. A hair blow dryer can be used to thaw this, but be careful around the plastic tubing. You don’t want it to crack or deform. You may want to turn the thermostat up a little bit if this is a regular occurrence. If you have a constant, regular drip, you may want to invest in a new water fill valve.

Dual Outlet Water Valve - $66.54

Dual Outlet Water Valve - $66.54

Another reason that your icemaker may not be making ice is the bail arm along the side of the icemaker. This arm must be in the lowered position for the icemaker to operate. If the arm is stuck up, it has shut the unit off. This is a safety feature of the unit. Normally, if there’s too much ice in the bin, the arm will get stuck in the raised position and keep any more water from entering the icemaker. You must lower the arm to begin making more ice.

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A hot water dispenser saves money and energy

If you drink hot tea or coffee all day long, chances are a hot water dispenser attached to your faucet will save you money and time.

According to this article from the “Hot water dispensers save money, energy”, it takes more energy to heat a kettle multiple times a day than it does to use a sink-mounted hot water dispenser.

Heating water is worse in the summer because, according to the article, “First, it uses electricity to heat the water. Second, your air conditioner must run more to remove this heat from the house. Third, the hot water gives off humidity to the room that makes the air conditioner run even longer.”

Because a hot water dispenser uses an insulated hot water tank under the countertop, very little energy is lost to the surrounding environment and it also uses less energy because it does not cool incoming water coming in from the water line, it keeps a reserve amount of hot water in its tank like a mini water heater. Some models also use a water filter for better tasting water.

Purchase a hot water dispenser online and enjoy hot water instantly for all your favorite beverages. To have even better tasting water, be sure to purchase a new water filter for your home. Using a water filter and drinking filtered water from home will help you be more green and cut down on your use of bottled water.