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How to Get the Smell Out of a Washing Machine

Do you hold your breath as you uncomfortably sidle up to your washing machine and try to dump your clothes in by the fistfuls before you need to come up for air?

Do your clothes have a weird smell even after you’ve washed them two or three more times?

Alas, there is hope!

Most times a smell in a washing machine is caused by bacteria build up inside of the drum, which causes the not-so-lovely scent to permeate the air and soak into your clothes.

But now you can breathe easy knowing there are simple steps and precautions to make your clothes smell great.

How to clean the washing machine:

  1. Wet the inside walls or the drum with warm water.
  2. Use a cloth you don’t mind getting dirty/throwing away, and gently scrub the scummy film that is coating the inside of the washing machine.
  3. Empty the lint trap (if your machine has one), and wash it thoroughly.
  4.  Rinse the surface with water. Do not add bleach to the soapy surface – that will make toxic gases!
  5. Add bleach to the dry, (and now) clean interior surfaces of the washing machine.
  6.  Give the bleach time to set before washing it away.

Once you’ve given the washing machine a good scrub down, here’s how to keep it smell-free:

  • Schedule a thorough cleaning every so often.
  • Keep your washing machine dry.
  • Use detergent made from 100% soluble cleaning agents.
  • Use the recommended amount of soap and wash setting.
  • Soak dirty fabrics in soapy water before throwing them into the washing machine.

No matter which brand of washer (Whirlpool, GE, or Electrolux), you can always be assured that if you take care of your appliances, they will take care of you.


PureAir Universal Air Filters from Electrolux

Electrolux Air Filters

PureAir Universal Air Filters - Sale Price: $9.99 -- You Save: $2.15

Remove seven times more odor than baking soda from your refrigerator with the PureAir® universal carbon-activated filter.*

The filter fits all refrigerator and freezer brands and can be purchased in single (starter kit) or two pack.

  • Fits all brands of refrigerators and freezers.
  • Easy to install — no tools required.
  • Simply adhere to the interior or hang from a shelf support.
  • Lasts up to six months.
  • Doesn’t take up shelf space, so it’s more convenient than baking soda.

*Based on six-hour closed door test of certain common odors in the fresh food compartment of a 21 cu. ft. refrigerator.

PureAir Universal Air Filters from Electrolux are available at

Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire

Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire

Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire

Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire

As the holidays approach the onset of family gatherings will increase and gift ideas become a focal point in our lives. APWagner is providing a solution to both with the Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire.

The cooktop can be used as an additional burner while preparing feasts when the stovetop in filled up.

Perfect gift for the holidays

This cooker is similar in portability and small size as portable hot plates and is great for using in your vacation home, boat, during camping, cabin, college dorm room, break room, basement, or any place you have tight cooking quarters.

Use this versatile cooker to reheat sauces, soups, and dips for your next family gathering or party. The cooktop is also powerful enough to quickly boil water for pasta or cook a family-sized stir fry meal. Use the portable cooktop as an additional burner when preparing large meals, or take it outside to cook strong-smelling foods so odors don’t linger in your living area.

The true advantage of having a portable induction cooktop lies in the product’s ability to heat without using a flame! Induction heating is the process of heating up a conducting object like a pot by using electromagnetic induction.

To purchase a Portable Induction Cooker visit

New Frigidaire Portable Induction Cooker

Frigidaire Portable Induction Cooker FGIC13P3KS

Frigidaire Portable Induction Cooker

Frigidaire Portable Induction Cooker - Sale price: $149.99 -- You Save: $32.25

Sale price: $149.99

Compare at: $182.24

You Save: $32.25

A new way to heat food!

Frigidaire’s New Portable Induction Cooker gives you the ability to cook great meals anywhere.

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry electric cooker.
  • Does not take up a lot of surface space.
  • Fast and efficient heating.
  • Precise control of temperature and greater heat consistency.
  • Uses Induction heating, a non-contact method of heating which is flameless with no heated surface, so there is no heat build-up and no carcinogenic fumes in your cooking environment.
  • Safe, family friendly as there is no flame and comes with child lock out feature and auto shut off.
  • Ceramic plate – easy to clean.
  • Induction is the most efficient use of cook-top energy

Safe and secure there is no open flame or heated surface. The induction cooker works with cookware made with a magnetic bottom and works well with some stainless steel, iron, and enamel cookware.

For more information visit APWagner.

Enter these contests to win new appliances and Visa Gift Cards

Keep an eye on the AJ Madison Appliance Seller’s Blog:, as they are going to announce a new contest called “Ugliest Kitchen Contest”.  Prizes are a new “dream kitchen” filled with new appliances from Frigidaire or Electrolux.

From the AJ Madison Blog:  “Customers posts pictures or videos of their kitchen on AJ Madison’s blog and Facebook.  As the title of the contest is called, it’ll be based on who has the most grotesque, hideous, unappealing, unpleasing and unsightly kitchen. ”

AP Wagner Appliance Parts also has its own contest where your repair advice could win you one of nine $50 Visa Gift cards. The cards are good anywhere Visa is accepted. All you have to do is the following:

1.       Visit the Appliance Repair Forum online at and sign up for a user account.

2.       Post an original, relevant appliance repair question, or answer an appliance repair question already posted on our forum. If you post an appliance repair question, be sure to include the appliance type, the make and appliance’s model number.

Remember! The more original questions you post, and the more detailed answers you give to existing questions, the more times you are entered and the more chances you have to win! Users will receive one entry for each original question posted, or answer given to a question, under their username.

Registration, posting and reading the Appliance Repair Forum on are all free services, no purchase is necessary to enter the contest.

How about winning a new KitchenAid Appliance or two?, a recipe sharing and cooking social network website, are giving away new KitchenAid appliance each day throughout the month of February. Oddly enough, the contest is called “The Appliance-A-Day Giveaway!”

Entering the contest is easy, simply join the network and post a few original recipes or get a friend to accept your online invitation and join the social networking site. You earn different amounts of “online raffle tickets” for different activities. View complete contest details online at

Good luck to everyone!

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