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American Manufacturing Key to Security

How critical is American manufacturing to American security?

You can consider this the “Part II” to the post from last week discussing a report, filed by two former professionals of the Department of Homeland Security, where they made the strong assertion that America grows weaker with every product that is produced, developed or shipped to the United States with which American consumers are dependent upon. The main point of that report was to warn of a growing vulnerability that is the result of increased reliance on foreign shipping and the prediction that America’s strength is tremendously undermined should a crisis hit or should we be engaged in hostile activity with foreign supplier.

Assuming we take this report at face value, it seems warranted to be overly concerned about the implications of such proposed weaknesses that America seems to have and the truth of how strong these implications are. Simply put, we are at risk because we don’t supply our own citizens with supplies, causing us to rely upon our foreign suppliers to aid us through all times, including the times of great natural or man-made catastrophes. Essentially, this report is one that makes a simple yet well-founded claim that proves to be a laborious task to refute.

How can an argument be made that we are NOT vulnerable? It is a fact that we rely on foreign suppliers for nearly all of our basic products and while this may prove cost-effective it could certainly lead to our own demise. In a world where hostile intentions are never lacking and global strength is always a savory prospect, it seems careless to allow all of our supplies to come to us instead of being made by us.

Interestingly enough, this report is coupled with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s recent proposal to propose tariffs on leading producers like Samsung and Electrolux, in which there is a hope that the act of “dumping” will be reduced and that leading producers will think twice before supporting foreign suppliers that engage in “dumping.” On the other hand, a producer like Whirlpool seems to be on board with eventually having most of their products manufactured in America and hope to be much more American based by 2013, according to the DoC investigation report from July. This could mean a serious shift in production and sales in the market and if other other leading producers are not willing to jump on bandwagon, they quite possibly could be left in the proverbial dust.

Is this enough? Policing the foreign markets could prove to help American infrastructure while crippling production for leading producers. The question then becomes a matter of which is more important. Furthermore, is a reliance on foreign manufacturing simply the way that it has to be? Can there even be an alternative option for the United States?

The overwhelming concern of national security seems to pervade every market and industry throughout the global economy. We must decide if this is something we can change but, more importantly, if we can do we actually want to change. Do we want to change our way of life? Is it even possible?

We leave this, as always, to you, the consumer. It still remains that every leading producer still needs to sell their product which is where you fit in quite nicely. Your role is critical, essential, and ultimately the determinant of how vulnerable this country will be in the future years.


Convert Dryer to LP

Clothes Dryer Conversion Kit

Clothes Dryer Conversion Kit - Sale Price: $12.99 -- You Save: $2.79

Convert your dryer from natural gas to LP with a dryer conversion kit.

This particular dryer conversion kit is for use with all Whirlpool platform dryers with a lint screen on top of the dryer, as well as Bravos.

  • For 22K BTU clothes dryers
  • Converts dryers from natural gas to LP
  • Must be installed by a qualified technician
  • Works on Kenmore/Sears, Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool, Roper, and other brands as well

Vent Booster for Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer Vent Booster

Clothes Dryer Vent Booster - Sale Price: $179.99 -- You Save: $38.70

The Clothes Dryer Vent Booster is for those running an extended length vent on their dryer. The booster can reduce drying times and save energy for clothes dryers with a long exhaust line.

  • Installation can take place anywhere in the line or next the dryer.
  • Lint trap not needed if installing next to the dryer
  • No on-site wiring
  • Turns on and off automatically when the dryer turns on and off
  • Air pressure sensing switch (PS-35) is mounted on dryer booster fan pre-wired at factory with 10-foot line cord
  • Includes probe
  • Just plug it in!
  • Ball bearing motor out of air stream
  • No lint buildup on motor and no place to collect
  • Tested by an independent lab at Florida International University
  • Runs up to 50′ of duct and up to four 90° bends

Purchase Clothes Dryer Vent Booster at

Anti-Vibration Pads from Whirlpool

VibeAway™ & EcoPod™ Anti-Vibration Pads

VibeAway™ and EcoPod™ Anti-Vibration Pads

VibeAway™ & EcoPod™ Anti-Vibration Pads

Reduce Noise, Vibration, and Pulsation

Anti-vibration pads will effectively reduce noise, vibration, and pulsation from your washer or dryer. VibeAway™ and EcoPod™ are new vibration pads from Whirlpool.

EcoPod™ is considered a shock absorber and is intended to be used on heavy equipment such as air compressors, furnaces, AC condensers, and water heaters.

VibeAway™ is a shock absorption pad that works not just on washing machines, but dryers, table saws, freezers and other large appliances.

Both pads are made from 100% recycled tire rubber, addressing important environmental concerns and problems facing the planet today.

Find VibeAway™ and EcoPod™ at

How to dry baseball hats, shoes, delicates in a clothes dryer; Indoor clotheslines for apartment/city dwellers

Use a clothes dryer rack to dry your delicate clothing items and other items you do not want tumbled in your clothes dryer.  A clothes dryer rack is a part made to fit inside your dryer. It’s a stationary platform that slips over the lip of your clothes dryer. Simply slip it into your clothes drier, lay your delicates onto the stationary platform, set your desired dryer time and start.

Whirlpool Clothes Dryer Rack -Sale price: $24.99. Removable dryer rack for tumble-free drying speeds drying time of delicate or heavy items.

Whirlpool Clothes Dryer Rack -Sale price: $24.99. Removable dryer rack for tumble-free drying speeds drying time of delicate or heavy items.

Use a clothes dryer rack to dry items that you don’t want tumbled inside your clothes dryer, such as sneakers, shoes, sweaters, stuffed animals and baseball caps, since it prevents tumbling and keeps your items from losing their shape. The vents or holes in the rack allow warm sir to gently circulate through to the item, while it remains stationary.

A variety of clothes dryer rack choices exist, so make sure you buy one that fits your dryer. The AP Wagner Appliance Parts Website lists what types of dryers the clothes dryer racks will fit. Or, just enter your clothes dryer’s model number into the search box and you will be presented with a list of clothes dryers parts for your appliance.

Indoors clothes dryer racks, great for apartment dwellers and those with little space

People come up with such clever buzzwords and “solar drier” is one I have been seeing a lot of lately. Basically a “solar drier” is another term for the good, old fashioned, clothes line. The clothes line conjures up such wonderful images or warm summer days and fresh smelling clothes. Even if you do not have a backyard, you can still line dry your clothes.

The offers a number of indoor clothes drying rack solutions. Here’s a clever one, a retractable clothes rack that you can put away after using. I guess the idea is that you can mount it on a wall and then pull out the lines when you need them. When you are done, just retract the lines and put away.

Of course, you can always just buy a folding or collapsible clothes rack at a home goods store like Target, a hardware store, or even a dollar store.  Or you can use the racks in your home to use for drying like your closet’s clothes rack or the shower curtain rod. You can even use the steam from your shower to help get the wrinkles and smell out of any items of delicate clothing.

Some other tips for air-drying laundry:

  • Hang items at night before bed and by morning they will be dry.
  • Hang large sheets or blankets over your shower rod or hang outside between two chairs
  • Hang items in your bathroom and use the steam from a shower to get wrinkle and smells out of your delicate items of clothing.
  • Be sure to evenly-space out items, don’t bunch them together or they will never dry
  • Take advantage of sources of natural sunlight and open windows, the breeze and warm temperatures will help dry your clothes faster

Laundry tips and organizing your laundry room, is a Website by Woolite offering tips on how to wash and dry your favorite items of clothing. Advice comes from TLC’s TV “What Not To Wear” TV show host, Stacy London. The site offers some good washing and drying advice, such as:

Washing Jeans

  • To retain the “snug” fit of your jeans, wash them once a week in a cold/warm wash cycle.
  • If your jeans are made from “stretch denim” or contains some lycra, dry them on high heat for about 40 minutes. If your jeans are older, air dry them first to get most of the moisture out and then throw them in the dry for a quick “blast” of  high heat for 10-15 minutes.

For your sweat pant or favorite pair of lounge pants that are starting to fray or become thin:

  • Remove them from the washer before the spin dry cycle to prevent further wear.
  • Dry them on a medium heat setting or skip the dryer altogether and air dry them on a clothes line or rack.

Washing and drying corduroy

  • Wash corduroy on the delicate cycle in low or medium water temperature.
  • Dry on low heat and do not let them sit in the dryer, remove them immediately as soon as the cycle ends.

You can read the rest of the tip from Stacy London at Woolite’s Website: which is a fun, interactive website set up like a virtual book. The circles on each page are interactive and contain the laundry tips, so be sure to press or click on the button to see how to care for your different items of clothing.

If you are looking for more laundry tips, especially if your clothes are coming out of the clothes dryer ripped, torn, wrinkled ,or smelling like smoke, check out some of the clothes dryer tips on

Now that you are up-to-date on your laundry skills, it’s time to put some thought into the area where you do your laundry. Here’s an article about organizing your laundry room from “Tips to help doing the wash become a chore no more“. Some tips from the article:

  • Build a folding area across the top of your washer and dryer and house your laundry appliances underneath (tip: make sure that the fit is not “too snug” so you can remove your machines for maintenance and cleaning.)
  • Install a shelf above the washer and dryer so you have easy access to detergent, dryer sheets and stain sticks.
  • If you have multiple stain sticks and smaller laundry items, get a Lazy Susan to keep them in reach and catch drips.
  • Use a coat rack to hang larger items out to dry and they will be wrinkle free.

The article offers plenty of other good laundry room organizing tips. Read the rest of the article online.

More information

Blog round up: Win four new Frigidaire kitchen appliances; Zero-interest appliance loans and rebate programs

Enter for your chance to win four new, professional series kitchen appliances by Frigidaire. The stainless steel kitchen appliances — oven, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave – are the grand prize in the “Sister Schubert’s On a Roll Recipe Contest”.

As you can tell by the name, it’s a recipe contest, and the T. Marzetti Company wants you to submit your original recipes made with any variety of Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls. Entries will be judged on originality, taste appeal, simplicity and appearance, and can be entered in one of four categories: Breakfast & Brunch, Anytime Snacks, Holiday & Parties and Dinnertime Meals.

The first runner-up prize isn’t too shabby either, $1,000 in cash; the first 500 entries will receive a $1.00-off Internet coupon for any Sister Schubert’s item.

Visit these websites for more details: or

Zero-interest appliance loans and appliance rebate programs for Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins Utilities are offering lots of incentives to get people to switch to energy-efficient appliances.

Here’s a story about all the appliance-related programs available to folks in Fort Collins, Colorado. According to an article by the Website, Fort Collins Utilities are offering zero-interest loans to their customers to buy new clothes and dish washers. For more information visit their website:

Fort Collins Utilities are also crediting utility accounts ($25 – $50) for customers purchasing a qualified Energy Star dishwasher or high-efficiency clothes washer. Visit or for more details.

Fort Collins Utilities will also pick up your old appliance for free and dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly way.  Old freezers, dishwashers and/or clothes washers will be recycled, and not end up in landfills. Customers will also receive a $35 bill credit by recycling their older appliances. For more information go online to, or to schedule a pick up, e-mail them at or call (970) 221-6700.

Read this article to see how much money you could save on your electric bills by switching to a new energy efficient appliance:  “Stock up while helping wash away landfill waste“.

So are your area utility companies offering you money back or helping you to recycle your appliance? Let me know in the comments!