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The Unsung Heroes

Appliances matter and their value is on the rise

I’ve never come across a clothes washer that wears a mask and fights crime, and I’ve never used a dishwasher that had superhuman strength or used an air conditioner that could transform into a masked crime-fighting superhero. Basically, I’ve never met any major home appliance that really impressed me. However, the fact remains that I have used all of these and many more on a daily basis, and they have become as ingrained into my way of life as brushing my teeth or taking a shower, which I happily report is a daily routine.

The truth? We need our appliances, as badly as the Gotham needs Batman, and as frequently as the Hulk has a temper tantrum. From the very minute we wake, we use an array of appliances to aid us in our daily battles. In the course of one single day, we use everything from the refrigerator to the dishwasher, with stops at the washer and dryer, shower, sink and microwave oven, just to name a few. If one of these has even a minor malfunction that disrupts our daily routine, our days are forever altered and we just can’t seem to be as effective at work or as happy at home. Essentially, our appliances are the unsung heroes in our lives and silently get us through each and every day, and we give them less attention than we do our cell phones.

This is why appliances matter, and why we all should pay a little more attention to the purchases we make and the care we give to these “aids” of humanity. I urge you to imagine a time where you could not throw your clothes in the washer or dryer, or could not take a hot shower, or even worse, couldn’t heat up a frozen dinner in the microwave. This is a time that we have only read about in history books, but with one malfunction we find ourselves back in an age that we cannot comprehend and could never understand.

GE, Whirlpool and the like all are in the market of dealing out the essentials in our lives, except that we just are not quite aware of it yet. We hear of these companies, but do we actually pay attention to what it is that they are giving us? These unsung heroes stay with us for most of our lives, and yet we continue to disregard talks of outsourcing and the effects that it truly has on our national security. In the wake of the newest tropical storm, and in any time of crisis, it is essential that our own country be able to provide its own with supplies and tools needed to survive such tragic natural disasters. Truth? We still have to wait for most of our supplies to be shipped in to us, and that means putting our very livelihood in the hands of potential enemies. I am not one for debating politics, but I am one for the essence of survival. Why leave anything to another nation to take care of?

Bottom line, appliances are our best friends, for I don’t know any dog that can help me eat. However, it is almost comical to think of them as cherished necessities, yet that is quite essentially what they are.

No, they do not wear cool costumes or fight crime when we sleep, but our major home appliances keep us sane and give us the convenience and luxury that we take for granted every day.


American Manufacturing Key to Security

How critical is American manufacturing to American security?

You can consider this the “Part II” to the post from last week discussing a report, filed by two former professionals of the Department of Homeland Security, where they made the strong assertion that America grows weaker with every product that is produced, developed or shipped to the United States with which American consumers are dependent upon. The main point of that report was to warn of a growing vulnerability that is the result of increased reliance on foreign shipping and the prediction that America’s strength is tremendously undermined should a crisis hit or should we be engaged in hostile activity with foreign supplier.

Assuming we take this report at face value, it seems warranted to be overly concerned about the implications of such proposed weaknesses that America seems to have and the truth of how strong these implications are. Simply put, we are at risk because we don’t supply our own citizens with supplies, causing us to rely upon our foreign suppliers to aid us through all times, including the times of great natural or man-made catastrophes. Essentially, this report is one that makes a simple yet well-founded claim that proves to be a laborious task to refute.

How can an argument be made that we are NOT vulnerable? It is a fact that we rely on foreign suppliers for nearly all of our basic products and while this may prove cost-effective it could certainly lead to our own demise. In a world where hostile intentions are never lacking and global strength is always a savory prospect, it seems careless to allow all of our supplies to come to us instead of being made by us.

Interestingly enough, this report is coupled with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s recent proposal to propose tariffs on leading producers like Samsung and Electrolux, in which there is a hope that the act of “dumping” will be reduced and that leading producers will think twice before supporting foreign suppliers that engage in “dumping.” On the other hand, a producer like Whirlpool seems to be on board with eventually having most of their products manufactured in America and hope to be much more American based by 2013, according to the DoC investigation report from July. This could mean a serious shift in production and sales in the market and if other other leading producers are not willing to jump on bandwagon, they quite possibly could be left in the proverbial dust.

Is this enough? Policing the foreign markets could prove to help American infrastructure while crippling production for leading producers. The question then becomes a matter of which is more important. Furthermore, is a reliance on foreign manufacturing simply the way that it has to be? Can there even be an alternative option for the United States?

The overwhelming concern of national security seems to pervade every market and industry throughout the global economy. We must decide if this is something we can change but, more importantly, if we can do we actually want to change. Do we want to change our way of life? Is it even possible?

We leave this, as always, to you, the consumer. It still remains that every leading producer still needs to sell their product which is where you fit in quite nicely. Your role is critical, essential, and ultimately the determinant of how vulnerable this country will be in the future years.

Bake Element Replacement

The following our steps necessary to replace a basic bake element.

The first step and most important for your physical safety is to shut off power to the unit and unplug to avoid electrical shock. Make sure the power is OFF before proceeding.

Accessing the bake element requires opening the oven door and removing the oven racks. Next, remove the mounting screws from the element mounting plate. The screws are holding the element in place.

Pull forward from back of oven wall and remove the wires by removing the lead screws from the terminals or by pulling wires off the bake element terminals.

Take the replacement element and reconnect the leads to the correct terminals while tucking surplus wire behind insulation. In the event only two wire are going to the matter it does not matter which wire terminal the leads go on. Then line up holes and reinstall new element using existing screws.

AP Wagner offers a large range of bake elements from manufacturers the likes of Bosch, Dacor, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool.

Appliance Rebates Slated For Spring 2010

The appliance rebate still does not have a slogan that has stuck like the popular “Cash for Clunkers” slogan used during the automobile rebate this year. However, there is similar early buzz on the benefits of such a program for consumers as well as retailers. Maybe a slogan like “Cash for Appliances” will be the standard once the state plans for distributing rebates are approved by the U.S. Department of Energy.

October 15th is the deadline for the states to have their plans completed and given to the U.S. Department of Energy. The release of the rebates was originally set for the end of this year, but states needed more time to construct a plan. The plans will likely correlate with energy conservation plans of states as encourage by the Dept. of Energy.

Appliance manufacturer sales like all industries during the recession have been down due to more consumer savvy buyers who are purchasing for emergencies only. The rebate plan for appliances is expected to spark sales in a similar fashion as the rebates did for automobiles, in addition to promoting the reduction of energy consumption by replacing old appliances with energy saving appliances. The rebate can be expected to range from $50 to $200 for individual appliances.

While you wait for the appliance rebate program:

Looking for appliance repair help or if you need appliance parts to fix a malfunctioning or broken appliance visit AP Wagner.

Air Washers, Air Purifiers, and Humidifiers on sale

Discounted Venta Airwashers, Air Purifiers, and Humidifiers,  no coupon or discount code needed.

Save on Venta Airwashers and enjoy cleaner air in your home today. Venta Airwashers uses a special water filtration system so no filter is needed, in fact, water is the filter. Disks rotate through water inside the air purifier and the disks trap dirt, dust, dander, smoke, and other allergens that are in your home’s air. Fine particles as small as 10 microns (10/1000 mm) are trapped and removed from your home’s air.

At the same time, your Venta Air Purifier is adding moisture to the dry air in your home through natural evaporating. You home’s air is humidified to the correct percentage by cold evaporation, acknowledged to be the best method.

Venta Airwasher- LW24 -  More information/purchase

Venta Airwasher- LW24 - More information/purchase

Venta AirwasherLW24

Sale price: $249.99

Compare at: $303.74

You Save: $53.75

The Venta Airwasher LW24 is a two-in-One Humidifier and Purifier and doesn’t require any filters, unlike other purifiers, which will save you money. The filter for the venta is regular tap water. The Venta Airwasher LW24 is recommended for rooms 360 sq. ft. (18′ x 20′). It features three different speed setting and can hold up to two gallons of water.  The unit is also nearly noiseless, odorless, and consumes very little power. The Venta Airwasher LW24 comes with a 10 year warranty.

Reviews by consumers who have purchased the Venta Airwasher LW24 were pleased with its simple design and self-regulating system which perfectly cleaned and humidified the air. Consumers were amazed at the difference the unit made in the quality of air inside their home. Consumers found that even on the “medium” setting their skin was less dry and their sinuses less congested. Consumers with allergies were very pleased with how it cleaned and purified the air.

Aromatherapy additives are available with you can add to your air purifier (separate purchase required) which will give your home a lovely scent of warm and inviting vanilla, soothing lavender or comforting eucalyptus.

Venta Airwasher LW14 - A Two-in-One Humidifier and Purifier! More info/buy now

Venta Airwasher LW14 - A Two-in-One Humidifier and Purifier! More info/buy now

Venta Airwasher LW14

Sale price: $179.99

Compare at: $218.69

You Save: $38.70

Venta Airwasher LW14 is a two-in-One Humidifier and Purifier and doesn’t require any filters or filter pads; instead it uses ordinary tap water as its filter. It is recommended for rooms up to 180 sq. ft. (12′ x 15′) and is simple to maintain and operate.  The Venta Airwasher LW14 has two speed settings and holds 1.2 gallons of water. Also comes with a 10 year warranty.

Consumers loved the dual operation of the Venta Airwasher LW14, the solid construction, long warranty, sturdy design and its ability to perfectly humidify the air.

Add the soothing scents of vanilla, lavender, or eucalyptus to your Venta Airwasher and enjoy a refreshing and pleasant scent experience. (Separate purchase required)

Venta Sonic Ultrasonic Humidifier VS 370 - Maintenance-free humidifier, just add water

Venta Sonic Ultrasonic Humidifier VS 370 - Maintenance-free humidifier, just add water

Venta Sonic Ultrasonic Humidifier VS370

Sale price: $159.99

Compare at: $194.39

You Save: $34.40

The Venta Sonic Ultrasonic Humidifier first and only maintenance-free humidifier! With Venta-Sonic, just add water–there are no germs, no filter, no cleaning, and no white dust. Impurities and minerals are trapped in the Maintenance-Free Box (part number 1090036)–just lift, remove, and replace it once a year.
Simple operation, extremely easy to fill water tank, extremely quiet, and has a daily output of up to 4 gallons. Suitable for large rooms – up to 850 sq. ft. and holds two gallons of water.

Reviewers and consumers loved this low-maintenance, quiet, and easy-to-use humidifier.

Appliance auctions allows the public to buy new appliances for half the cost

Looking to pick up new, brand-name appliances for half its normal retail value price? Then consider checking out an auction.

According to a story in the Washington Times, due to the housing bust, appliances and building materials once meant for new home constructions are now being sold at auction.  Southern Sales Services of Jessup, Maryland, holds auctions of such materials every four to six weeks in the Maryland/D.C. area. The public is allowed to bid on new appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, washer and dryers from name-brand appliance manufacturers at half the cost they would normally sell at retail.

To attend one of these auctions, you must register in person at the day of the auction to get a bidding number. Be sure to bring  a valid photo ID. To find out about future auctions, sign up online to get on Southern Sale’s mailing list.

The website also offers some very helpful guidelines if you plan to attend the auction. For instance, if you pay cash for your purchase, you will receive a 2% discount.

The auctions run all weekend with Friday being a “viewing” day where potential buyers can browse the inventory and stake out what items they plan to bid on during the auction day which is usually Saturday.

Bidding can be particularly fierce, so be sure to research the items you wish to bid on, before hand, so you are not overpaying.

For more information