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American Manufacturing Key to Security

How critical is American manufacturing to American security?

You can consider this the “Part II” to the post from last week discussing a report, filed by two former professionals of the Department of Homeland Security, where they made the strong assertion that America grows weaker with every product that is produced, developed or shipped to the United States with which American consumers are dependent upon. The main point of that report was to warn of a growing vulnerability that is the result of increased reliance on foreign shipping and the prediction that America’s strength is tremendously undermined should a crisis hit or should we be engaged in hostile activity with foreign supplier.

Assuming we take this report at face value, it seems warranted to be overly concerned about the implications of such proposed weaknesses that America seems to have and the truth of how strong these implications are. Simply put, we are at risk because we don’t supply our own citizens with supplies, causing us to rely upon our foreign suppliers to aid us through all times, including the times of great natural or man-made catastrophes. Essentially, this report is one that makes a simple yet well-founded claim that proves to be a laborious task to refute.

How can an argument be made that we are NOT vulnerable? It is a fact that we rely on foreign suppliers for nearly all of our basic products and while this may prove cost-effective it could certainly lead to our own demise. In a world where hostile intentions are never lacking and global strength is always a savory prospect, it seems careless to allow all of our supplies to come to us instead of being made by us.

Interestingly enough, this report is coupled with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s recent proposal to propose tariffs on leading producers like Samsung and Electrolux, in which there is a hope that the act of “dumping” will be reduced and that leading producers will think twice before supporting foreign suppliers that engage in “dumping.” On the other hand, a producer like Whirlpool seems to be on board with eventually having most of their products manufactured in America and hope to be much more American based by 2013, according to the DoC investigation report from July. This could mean a serious shift in production and sales in the market and if other other leading producers are not willing to jump on bandwagon, they quite possibly could be left in the proverbial dust.

Is this enough? Policing the foreign markets could prove to help American infrastructure while crippling production for leading producers. The question then becomes a matter of which is more important. Furthermore, is a reliance on foreign manufacturing simply the way that it has to be? Can there even be an alternative option for the United States?

The overwhelming concern of national security seems to pervade every market and industry throughout the global economy. We must decide if this is something we can change but, more importantly, if we can do we actually want to change. Do we want to change our way of life? Is it even possible?

We leave this, as always, to you, the consumer. It still remains that every leading producer still needs to sell their product which is where you fit in quite nicely. Your role is critical, essential, and ultimately the determinant of how vulnerable this country will be in the future years.


New Pricing on APWagner Top Parts

We have reduced pricing on some of’s most popular parts.

Including Affresh High Efficiency Washer Cleaner and PuriClean Refrigerator Water Filter.

The complete list of our top selling parts that have new pricing is listed below:

Washer Coupling Assembly … Previously $18.95 … Now $15.99

Clothes Dryer M-Style Coil Kit … Previously $21.79 … Now $18.99

Oven Bake Element … Previously $36.95 … Now $24.99

Clothes Dryer Thermal Fuse Kit … Previously $34.39 … Now $25.99

Dryer Heating Element … Previously $59.49 … Now $49.99

Electric Oven Bake Element … Previously $39.99 … Now $29.99

Range Drip Pan … Previously $5.25 … Now $4.25

Range Flat Oven Ignitor Kit … Previously $49.99 … Now $39.99

8-Inch Range Chrome Drip Bowl … Previously $7.95 … Now $5.99

Range Flat Oven Ignitor Assembly … Previously $49.95 … Now $39.99

Dishwasher Magic … Previously $9.99 … Now $7.99

PuriClean Refrigerator Water Filter … Previously $44.99 … Now $39.99

Clothes Washer Direct Drive Drain Pump … Previously $42.49 … Now $29.99

Gas Dryer Ignitor … Previously $31.99 … Now $24.99

PuresourcePlus Water Filter … Previously $34.95 … Now $29.99

Clothes Dryer Thermal Fuse Kit … Previously $39.49 … Now $29.99

Washer Lid Switch Assembly … Previously $46.99 … Now $35.99

Electric Oven Bake Element … Previously $34.95 … Now $24.99

Washer Inlet Valve … Previously $27.95 … Now $21.99

Round Oven Ignitor Assembly … Previously $97.99 … Now $79.99

Electric Oven Bake Element … Previously $57.99 … Now $49.99

Lid Switch Assembly … Previously $40.49 … Now $35.99

Clothes Dryer Drum Roller Kit … Previously $19.99 … Now $15.99

Door Link Kit … Previously $24.49 … Now $19.99

Agitator Cam Kit … Previously $20.98 … Now $16.99

Dishwasher Lower Rack Roller Assembly … Previously $10.99 … Now $8.99

Dishwasher Lower Rack Roller Plastic Axle … Previously $4.99 … Now $3.99

Refrigerator Clear Crisper Pan … Previously $49.98 … Now $45.99

Refrigerator Bin Shelf … Previously $55.99 … Now $45.99

Clothes Dryer Front Drum Bearing Glide Kit … Previously $19.98 … Now $11.99

Dishwasher Stud Roller … Previously $2.25 … Now $1.25

Affresh High Efficiency Washer Cleaner … Previously $8.46 … Now $7.99

Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner … Previously $7.13 … Now $4.99

Icemaker Cleaner … Previously $15.99 … Now $13.99

Cooktop Cleaner … Previously $5.49 … Now $4.99

Stainless Steel Magic Aerosol Cleaner … Previously $6.99 … Now $5.5

Cerama Bryte Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner … Previously $9.99 … Now $8.99

Condenser Cleaning Brush … Previously $7.49 … Now $5.99

Washer Magic Washing Machine Cleaner and Freshener … Previously $12.99 … Now $10.99

Cerama Bryte Cleaning Kit … Previously $19.99 … Now $12.99

Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer … Previously $8.99 … Now $7.75

Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish … Previously $7.99 … Now $6.99

Recycle Old Washing Machine Tips

There does come the time a washing machine reaches the point where repair is no longer the most logical step. The factors that constitute this are repair cost, appliance age, and time. Leading to most consumers placing their washing machine out to the curb for collection and removal. Often done by your hoarding neighbor rather then the city dump truck. However, modern times has given society alternatives in wake of environmental concerns of washing machines decaying in landfills.


Instead of placing the unit out to the curb. Give your washing machine away by donating to a shelter, family in need, or charity. The Freecycle Network is a great place to make connections in your neighborhood at


The tub itself after removal from the unit has been converted into storage, flower pot, table, fire-pit, hamper, and ottoman by frugal consumers. To find out how to convert to an ottoman read this article courtesy of

If you are using a front load washer remove the bubble on the front door to become a bowl. Your new bowl can be used for punch, salad, candy, or random household items.


Remember repair cost being a factor previously mentioned in this article for a washing machine not being considered for repair. Hundreds of repair guides are available in print and electronic form that can help you resolve any appliance issues you me be having by yourself. AP Wagner Appliance Repair Library is an excellent resource used by consumers to do-it-yourself. Hence if your unit is in need of a replacement appliance part. has the most-complete inventory of appliance parts anywhere.

Save this holiday season

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Place a Smells Begone Odor Absorber in Energizing Citrus Scent or Calming Rain in your bathroom and guest rooms to make the room more inviting for holiday guests.

Pick up some stocking stuffer like Lady Magnogrip Wristband or a 8-Pc Screwdriver Set.

Help control winter heating bills with an Electronic Thermostat this winter.

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Approved U.S.-based affiliates can earn 13% commission on sales of appliance parts and accessories each month through the new Affiliate Marketing Program.

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Visit to learn more about the program. has one of the most comprehensive appliance parts inventories in the industry with over 4 million parts in stock. We carry new, factory-direct appliance parts for over 150 manufactures including Maytag, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, General Electric, Kenmore and Sears. offers quick shipping throughout the U.S. on parts for all major household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, gas and electric ranges, clothes dryers and more.

Lower your cooling bills this summer

Use these tips to save money and keep cool during the summer.

  1. Weather-proof your home. Most people associate weather proofing and drafts as an activity you do when preparing for winter. However, weather proofing is just as valuable in the summer especial when drafts lead to cool air leaking out and hot air seeping in.
  • Air infiltration will also cause your in-room air conditioner or HVAC system to work harder to cool more which in turn increase your electric bills.
  • Check for drafts around windows, doors and vents to the exterior, like extraction fans or clothes dryer vents. Use a stick of incense to detect air movement and to see if you have a draft.
  • Check the weather stripping on your windows and doors and replace if needed.
  • Use spray foam or the proper calk (there are several kinds and this story helps explain them well) around windows and doors to fill small gaps and holes. Also check around outlets, cable jacks, telephone lines and dryer vents for gaps that causes air to escape.
  1. The recommended minimum setting for energy efficiency during the summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a programmable thermostat to decrease the temperatures in your home only when you are in it. According to this article from The Rancho Cordova Post, a programmable thermostat can save you over $100 per year over the non-programmable kinds.
  2. If you are going to be away from home for more than four hours, turn the AC off. If you are going to be gone less than two, keep the AC level the same.
  3. Purchase a whole house fan or ceiling fan to circulate cool air throughout your home.
  4. Skip the oven and cook using a microwave or grill outside in order to reduce the residual heat caused by a stove.
  5. Properly maintain your air conditioner

  • Change or clean the air filter (if you have a reusable filter.) It is recommended that you clean of change the air filter on your air conditioner at least twice a month during cooling season.
  • Clean the dust off of your air conditioners coils with a coil brush. Remove the cover and use a soft brush, vacuum, or compressed air to clean the coils. The coils need to be clean for proper heat transfer.
  • Straighten any AC fins that might have gotten bent over the year or while in storage.
  • Dirty air conditioner parts and a dirty filter can cause your unit to work harder. Not only does this wear on the unit, it costs you more money to run the unit in the first place.
  • When purchasing a new in-room air conditioner, buy only what you need. Measure the size of the room first and then multiply the length by the width and that total is your square footage. You can use a chart or calculation provided by a manufacturer (usually available on their website) to determine how many BTUs you need your air conditioner to handle. You will also want to take into account how shady or sunny the room will be. Add ten percent more for a sunny room, and take ten percent away for shaded rooms.

6. Unplug your phone charger and small appliances when not in use.

7. Only run your dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads.
8. Lines dry your clothes and skip the clothes dryer for the summer and even into the fall.
9. Check with your local utility company to see if they offer any rebates of credits for purchasing programmable thermostats, Energy efficient air conditioning units, attic insulation. In Florida, the City of Ocala Electric 10. Utility is offer rebates on home heating and cooling upgrades and other energy-efficient appliances. Check with your local utility company to see what they offer.
11. Any energy-efficient improvements you make to your home might be viable for the federal tax credit. Areas covered include windows and doors, insulation, and HVAC improvements, check the EnergyStar.Gov Website to see what you need to do in order to qualify.

Appliance Parts:

Whirlpool issues a challenge all in the name of developing new “Smart Grid” technologies

Whirlpool has announced that all of their appliances will be Smart Grid compliant by 2015.  According to this article by, Whirlpool hopes to, “create an open, global standard for home appliances to transmit and receive signals by 2010.”

Smart Grid Diagram for the U.S. Dept. of Energy

Smart Grid Diagram for the U.S. Dept. of Energy

Such appliances would be able to send and receive information from a new Smart Grid electrical system that is already under development in certain parts of the United States.

Our current electrical system cannot detect energy demand, so energy producers run their companies at maximum capacity to insure there is enough energy to meet demand. It would be like running your heat or AC all the time because you did not know whether it was hot or cold. Obviously, this is a very inefficient and imperfect way to do things.

A Smart Grid would work to detect how much energy is being demanded and produce only what is needed. Using the new two-way communication possibilities, home appliances could be turned on only when electricity is abundant and inexpensive. You’re new “smart appliance” might, for instance, only turn itself on during off-peak hours.

Whirlpool hopes to form public private partnerships with utility companies, policy makers, appliance industry, NGO’s and other technology-based companies.  The upcoming Copenhagen climate change conference is where Whirlpool hopes to develop a plan to move forward.

Manufacturer’s moving to smart appliances is not new. In 2008, General Electric started testing its line of smart appliances which would also communicate with smart grid system to delay certain appliance activities such as refrigerators skipping defrost cycles.

The Smart Grid is a way for the United States to become more energy efficient and to feed energy back into the system through renewable sources. President Barack Obama has included includes $4.5 billion for Smart Grid projects which is part of the $787 billion stimulus bill.

Whirlpool is a home appliances manufacturer and also owns and produces appliances under the KitchenAid, Maytag, and Amana brands.

More information