Design and Engineering Contest Inspires Creation and Innovation

Entries Open for Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards

Feeling creative? Possibly inventive? The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is in need of intelligent individuals with a desire to better the world around them with their creations and innovative designs. The CEA is now accepting entries for the International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards through September 14th, 2012. Awards will be accepted in the Home Appliances Category as well as 28 other categories.

This is a contest that every intelligent consumer should be jumping to endorse. Even if you are not so creative to be inventing new designs and creations, one should help find those individuals that are creative and inventive. This type of contest promotes the ideals that, globally, are so desperately needed in a time where the mind is something we seem not to cherish enough. Along these lines, a new category will be “Tech for a Better World” in which the goals of this category will be to pay special attention to those inventions that share a common goal and will help to impact the world in a positive way, either domestically or globally.

This a contest that needs to be put into the front of our minds and agendas as we seek to promote a world that employs humans with more intelligence and more creative ideas. Our focus, if we can’t invent our own creations, should be to help and aid those that can so we can continue to strive for a world that is comprised of those with fruitful ideas.


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