Maytag’s Milestone Machine

Maytag plant makes millionth washer 35 weeks after opening

Less than a year after launching, the Maytag automatic washer assembly plant in Clyde, OH last week produced its one-millionth washing machine. The milestone machine was a Maytag Centennial model, although the plant also assembles Bravos X top-load and Maxima front-load washers.

Opened last summer to manufacture a new generation of laundry appliances, the plant maintains a high level of manufacturing efficiency that enabled production of the first one million washers in only 35 weeks. Previous product launches have taken three to five times longer to reach the same milestone.

“We removed an assembly line that had been producing thousands of units a day for more than a quarter of a century and re-built it from the ground up,” said Alan Holaday, vice president, manufacturing operations, North America Region, for Maytag. All new-generation appliances made in the plant are higher capacity units that offer energy and water savings.



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