Bake Element Replacement

The following our steps necessary to replace a basic bake element.

The first step and most important for your physical safety is to shut off power to the unit and unplug to avoid electrical shock. Make sure the power is OFF before proceeding.

Accessing the bake element requires opening the oven door and removing the oven racks. Next, remove the mounting screws from the element mounting plate. The screws are holding the element in place.

Pull forward from back of oven wall and remove the wires by removing the lead screws from the terminals or by pulling wires off the bake element terminals.

Take the replacement element and reconnect the leads to the correct terminals while tucking surplus wire behind insulation. In the event only two wire are going to the matter it does not matter which wire terminal the leads go on. Then line up holes and reinstall new element using existing screws.

AP Wagner offers a large range of bake elements from manufacturers the likes of Bosch, Dacor, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool.


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