Preparing Air Conditioner for the Spring

Air ConditionerFrom time to time some individuals choose to get their vehicle tuned up to all for performance. Unbeknown to some an air conditioning unit can receive a tune up to achieve the same results. A tune up of your air conditioner will save money and energy.

Air conditioner tune-up is made up of some or all the following measures depending upon the technician.

  1. Airflow measurement is the most important element of any air conditioner tune up. Most air conditioners require 400 cfm of air to operate at capacity. Airflow measurement can be accomplished through a duct traverse, tru-flow air meter, or static pressure measurement.
  2. Conditions indoor and outdoor should be measured. Including the indoor wet bulb and both dry bulbs. The measurements should then be plotted to the HVAC measurement of Super Heat that sets proper refrigerant charge.
  3. The condenser itself should be cleaned. Outdoor units should soak for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing.
  4. Refrigerant charge should be adjusted as part of all tune ups. Once airflow is set the refrigerant charge can be set by the technician.

For year long air conditioner unit protection AP Wagner provides a large selection of protective covers, filters, and grills.

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