Recycle Old Washing Machine Tips

There does come the time a washing machine reaches the point where repair is no longer the most logical step. The factors that constitute this are repair cost, appliance age, and time. Leading to most consumers placing their washing machine out to the curb for collection and removal. Often done by your hoarding neighbor rather then the city dump truck. However, modern times has given society alternatives in wake of environmental concerns of washing machines decaying in landfills.


Instead of placing the unit out to the curb. Give your washing machine away by donating to a shelter, family in need, or charity. The Freecycle Network is a great place to make connections in your neighborhood at


The tub itself after removal from the unit has been converted into storage, flower pot, table, fire-pit, hamper, and ottoman by frugal consumers. To find out how to convert to an ottoman read this article courtesy of

If you are using a front load washer remove the bubble on the front door to become a bowl. Your new bowl can be used for punch, salad, candy, or random household items.


Remember repair cost being a factor previously mentioned in this article for a washing machine not being considered for repair. Hundreds of repair guides are available in print and electronic form that can help you resolve any appliance issues you me be having by yourself. AP Wagner Appliance Repair Library is an excellent resource used by consumers to do-it-yourself. Hence if your unit is in need of a replacement appliance part. has the most-complete inventory of appliance parts anywhere.


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