Does your dishwasher fill slowly?

Your dishwasher is equipped with an intake screen that filters out rust and other debris that could damage the pump and other delicate parts. Sometimes, though, the intake screen collects so much debris that it slows the flow of water to the dishwasher. When that happens, you need to remove and clean the screen.

Dishwashers have intake screens in the primary inlet water line that filter out debris and rust. The intake screen will slow the flow of water into the machine when to much debris is collected. This problem can be found in both portable and fixed dishwasher units.

Before attempting maintenance shut off power and unplug the unit. Then turn off the water supply to the unit.

The water inlet valve can be found behind the panel below the dishwasher door in the front area. The panel will need to be unhinged or unscrewed to access. Disconnect the water line hose from the valve. Keep in mind water will be in the line and towels and sponges should be on hand to avoid damage.

For additional help in finding and cleaning the inlet screen just ask by starting a new topic in the APWagner Appliance Repair Forum.


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