Ten Reasons Your Refrigerator is Warm

  1. The unit is unplugged.
  2. The unit is not receiving power. Check your fuse or circuit breaker and inspect electrical cord for damage.
  3. Improper air flow. Ensure there is space between the unit and the wall at least three issues along side and back and one inch on top for proper air flow.
  4. Door gasket is not sealing properly and needs to be repaired or replaced.
  5. The defrost timer is no longer working properly.
  6. The evaporator fan may be malfunctioning and needs to be tested for continuity.
  7. Compressor relay may be suffering from corrosion and should be cleaned or replaced.
  8. The cold control may have gone bad be sure it is set properly. The temperature inside should be slightly above freezing at or around 37 degrees.
  9. You may be suffering from a sealed system issue. Unplug the unit and check behind the back panel and remove any ice buildup on condenser coils with warm water or a hair dryer remembering to not set on high which will damage the liner.
  10. A issue has arose with the compressor. The compressor can be found behind or beneath the refrigerator depending on the model. The compressor motor can be tested for continuity and/or unplug the unit and wait two hours if the compressor is running an issue is causing overheating.

For any additional refrigerator issues visit APWagner’s Appliance Repair guide or search for the refrigerator replacement part that can resolve your problem.


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