Refrigerator Won’t Stop Running

Check refrigerator placement.

The refrigerator should not be pressing against a wall their should be space to radiate heat for those models with condenser coil grids.

Check the thermostat.

The thermostat controls when the compressor runs. The compressor is designed to run until the refrigerator temperature is lower than the setting on the thermostat. If the compressor is not turning off the thermostat needs to be replaced.

Temperature set too high.

This a common reason a refrigerator continually runs. If the temperature inside a refrigerator is cold enough along with possibly having a bad thermostat the temperature setting may be too high. Attempt to raise the temperature. If the issue does not subside the thermostat is the culprit.

If your thermostat is working properly, there’s a chance that you have low levels of refrigerant in the sealed system. If this is where the symptoms lead you, you need to contact a professional appliance repair person. Only an EPA certified technician can legally work on a sealed system. If you attempt to do work on this system, you will void the warranty.

Possible door issues.

Is the refrigerator door closing properly. If not the gasket may need to be replaced. Also the door light switch may be malfunctioning keeping the light on after the door closes. Push the switch with your finger to verify the light is turning off.

For any additional refrigerator issues has the largest collection of refrigerator replacement parts for your needs.


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