Range Issues during Thanksgiving Cooking

Thanksgiving is a time for all to be thankful by enjoying one another. The enjoyment may be halted if issues arise during the preparation of your Thanksgiving feast. If you have range issues at this inopportune time APWagner’s Repair Section may help you find a resolution. Here are some common range issues during the holidays.

If you smell gas

If the gas is coming from your range at any other time besides when you’re lighting it, there’s a problem. Call your local gas company and ask them to investigate the situation. If the problem is with the range, have a professional appliance repair person fix the problem.

The oven is not baking

The ignitor may no longer be working. You may have to replace either the ignitor or the gas safety valve. Many times it’s the ignitor that is to blame, and cheaper to replace. The ignitor is a small round or rectangular device located near the burner. The ignitor is wired in series with the gas safety valve. Additional reasons for why the oven is not baking can be found here:

Oven light stopped working

The bulb may be loose remove the cover when oven is cool to see if bulb has
become loose or has blown. If not problem may be with the door switch on the oven’s frame, or a separate switch by the main controls. If the switch
doesn’t work, or only works sometimes, you need to replace it. If your
oven has a self-cleaning feature, the oven light may not operate during this

For additional maintenance tips for ranges visit Common Questions about Gas Ranges section on APWagner.com

If you are in need of Gas Range parts during the holiday weekend or anytime visit: APWagner Gas Range Parts Section

If you are in need of Electric Range parts during the holiday weekend or anytime visit: APWagner Electric Range Parts Section


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