Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire

Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire

Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire

Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire

As the holidays approach the onset of family gatherings will increase and gift ideas become a focal point in our lives. APWagner is providing a solution to both with the Portable Induction Cooktop from Frigidaire.

The cooktop can be used as an additional burner while preparing feasts when the stovetop in filled up.

Perfect gift for the holidays

This cooker is similar in portability and small size as portable hot plates and is great for using in your vacation home, boat, during camping, cabin, college dorm room, break room, basement, or any place you have tight cooking quarters.

Use this versatile cooker to reheat sauces, soups, and dips for your next family gathering or party. The cooktop is also powerful enough to quickly boil water for pasta or cook a family-sized stir fry meal. Use the portable cooktop as an additional burner when preparing large meals, or take it outside to cook strong-smelling foods so odors don’t linger in your living area.

The true advantage of having a portable induction cooktop lies in the product’s ability to heat without using a flame! Induction heating is the process of heating up a conducting object like a pot by using electromagnetic induction.

To purchase a Portable Induction Cooker visit APWagner.com


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