Why is my dryer making noise?

Question: I have a dryer that began making loud noise during cycle. Why is my dryer making noise?

Answer: Most of the time the problem is the drum rollers that then will need to replaced. Some dryers use rollers to support the clothes drum. If these rollers or wheels are worn out, they can be extremely noisy. You ought to replace the whole set at the same time. A belt that has been damaged or frayed may make a thumping or slapping sound as the drum turns.

However, There are several other things that can cause a dryer to be noisy. Make sure nothing is loose inside the drum. Remove the lint trap and look below the lint trap holder for any loose items that may have slipped through the cracks.

The blower wheel is always moving and lint is constantly going by it. If it’s noisy, it may have gotten clogged with lint, or it may be worn and need to be replaced. Clean out the area around the blower. If it’s still noisy, replace it. Many dryers use a center spindle to support the clothes drum. This spindle may be a ball-and-socket support, or it may be a shaft inside a sleeve. When these component bearings get worn out, they may make a squealing or rubbing sound. Replace this bearing when it gets worn out. Many dryers also use plastic glides in the front end of the clothes drum. When these glides are worn out, you may hear a lot of noise. If the glides are worn, replace them as a set.

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2 responses to “Why is my dryer making noise?

  1. what do i need to do.. my dryer is loud and movin across the floor

  2. run… its pissed

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