Keepeez Vacuum Lid Food Sealer Set

Keep food fresher, longer with Keepeez Vacuum Lid Food Sealer Set

Keepeez Vacuum Seal Lids

Keepeez 4 Piece Vacuum Seal Lid Set - Sale price: $12.95 -- You Save: $2.78

Just press and it’s sealed

The Keepeez Four – Piece Vacuum Seal Lid Set creates an air-tight vacuum system all with the simple press of your finger tips. The Keepeez lids are uniquely engineered to turn your existing dishes—even jar and cans—into vacuum-sealed containers and reduce food wastes, spoilage and spills.

Keepeez uses no electricity and no bulky vacuum seal appliances that costs hundreds of dollars, the vacuum is created by Keepeez’s unique sealing top and your fingertips.

To use/close: place the sealers on the bowl and using your fingertips, press downward on the center of the seal for a depth of at least one inch to create a strong seal. The deeper you press, the stronger the vacuum created and the fresher your food will remain.

Put your thumb on the Keepeez container handle with a finger below the Clear Sealer near the bowl’s rim and pinch.

To open/break seal: push up the Clear-Vacuum Sealer near the dishes’ rim. The clear-vacuum sealer is engineered to be incredibly strong and resistant to tears and punctures. They are dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe. Keepeez is reusable so its earth friendly and it helps keep food fresher, up to five times longer than average, so it saves you money.

No messing with difficult to handle flimsy plastic wraps; use it to safely carry lunches to school and work, including juices and soups. Keepeez Lids is also great for transporting food to picnics and parties.

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One response to “Keepeez Vacuum Lid Food Sealer Set

  1. I have been using Keepeez for the last year. The sealers not only keeps my leftovers fresher longer but I can vacuum seal the containers I serve the food in, put in the refrigerator, and then serve fresh food later. Less dishes, less waste!

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