Kenmore Washer won’t fill with water before it starts washing cycle

Question: I have a 5-10 year old Kenmore Washing Machine. When I turn the clothes washer on, it automatically starts to wash without filling with water, what could be wrong? Could this be a washer timing issue?

Answer: Dry agitating is often a sign of a bad water level controls /pressure switch. The water level controls, also knows as a pressure switch, might have burnt wires, may be stuck in the full position, or the hose is clogged up.

The water level controls the water fill valve and, when it detects there is enough water in the tub for the wash size selected, it shuts off power to the fill valve and then sends power to the timer. It detects the correct water level via an air tight hose that runs from the outer washer tanks to the water level controls. The hose contains a certain amount of pressure for each load size (small, medium, large). As water fill the washer tub, pressure rises in the hose also. Since the air is trapped in the hose, it is compressed and pushes up a piston in the hose. When the piston is popped up, it closes an electrical contact which shuts off the water fill valve.

A small pin hole or leak will cause the tube to lose pressure and it will not be strong enough to switch off the water fill valve leading to overfill. The reverse problem, like yours, means that the water fill valve might be stuck on the full load position, saying there is enough water in the machine when there is not.

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