Amana‘s refrigerator designs are a blend of modern, colorful and fun

Here’s proof that appliances do not have to be boring. If you are a very creative person, who is willing to take wild risks in your home (especially if you know you are going to be there for quite a while) then consider Amana’s new line of colorful designer refrigerators.

The Amana refrigerators, “inspired by” Style Network Superstar and former “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” interior designer Thom Filicia, come in modern patterns and vibrant shades such as “Pink Lemonade,” a cool, steely-looking pink, “Brocade,” a lovely ornate pattern, “Orbit,” a fun pop art print, and “Inked” a matt black color with a faded tribal tattoo design on the freezer door.

The Amana Website even offers a cute little game you can play by arranging which fridge designs you prefer from most to least. After dragging and dropping the fridges in your preferred order, click the “Tell me now” arrow and it gives you a fun little “personality profile” based on your selection.  My results below:

“Patient and relaxed, you are good with children, stupid people and at untying knots. You seek to minimize conflict by remaining non-committal about everything except putting mayo on French fries. Others are attracted to your seemingly genuine interest in their lives, not realizing that you have mastered the art of sleeping with your eyes open. This skill is an important part of how you remain patient and relaxed.”


I could find no word on where or when these colorful Amana Refrigerators will be available or even how much. Currently, only one refrigerator from the page is available in either “red” or “universal silver” for $799.00.

Amana is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation.


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