Cardboard boxes become eco-friendly ovens and how to create your own solar powered cooker

A solar powered oven made up of two boxes and an acrylic cover won the FT Climate Change Challenge, which sought to find and publicize the most innovative and practical solution to climate change, according to an article that appeared on CNN.

Jon Bohmer made the oven from two cardboard boxes with one inside the other box. The inside box was painted black to capture and absorb heat and the outside box was wrapped in silver foil to help concentrate the heat. The clear acrylic cover allows sunlight throw and uses the heat to trap the rays inside the box, making the box hot enough to bake bread and boil water.

This ingenious solution helps solves the problem of deforestation because the oven requires no wood in order to create heat, so no need for firewood from nearby trees.

It can also help people living in third-world countries by creating an easy way to boil drinking water, thus preventing them from becoming sick by drinking contaminated water.

Bohmer’s solar powered cooker, named the” Kyoto Box” has already gone into production in an existing cardboard factory in Nairobi, Kenya. Bohmer has also made a more durable version of the oven out of recycled plastic. He hopes to see the ovens distributed for use throughout rural Africa.

Even though a solar powered oven seems like a new invention, it’s not. According to the article on CNN, instructions for how to create a solar box cooker first appeared in a 1960s book published by the Peace Corps .

An international organization called “Solar Cookers International” has been around since the 70s and includes 95 member organizations around the world that help “promote the use of solar cookers.”

If you are interested in making your own solar cooker, check out how to do it yourself using instructions from this website: . The materials used in some of these designs include recycled tires and windshield shades.

If you have questions about how to use your solar cooker and how to cook items, the “Solar Cooker Frequently Asked Questions” web page will help you.


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