A good source for appliance repair help

APWagner.com Appliance Repair Forum is a good source for appliance repair help. Here are a few questions and answers posted to our forum.

From the Clothes Dryer Repair Forum

Question:  How do I thread a Frigidaire Clothes Dryer belt thru an idler pulley and motor shaft?

Read the answer and see the photo on how to do this.

From the Washing Machine Repair Forum

Water overfills on medium and large settings for Maytag Dependable Care Stack Unit. What could be wrong? Read the solutions to this problem.

Frigidare Refrigerator dripping

Question:  i have a Frigidare refrigerator model FRT17G4BW4 : dripping from freeZer vent into refrigerator – defrost drain line not clogged and door gaskets are good – any suggestions ????

Answer: Try removing the panel that covers the evaporator coil. There might be ice buildup from over the years.

Whirlpool Fridge Blows Hot!

Model E118XKMNHX2
Serial E53635550

Question:  There is no frost on the evaporator coils in the freezer compartment. The compressor runs when the fridge is upright. When I laid it on its front on the floor, the compressor went on and off every 1-2 mins. Any suggestions?

Answer: Never run a compressor other than in it’s regular/uprite position! There is no frost on the evaporator coils in the freezer compartment, usually means…a leaker or a restriction or a non-pumping compressor = BIG$

Did you know you can post your appliance repair questions for free on our appliance repair forum? You can also read previous postings for free as well, without signing in or signing up for anything.


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