Artful appliances

View a gallery of colorful, vintage-looking appliances at the

View a gallery of colorful, vintage-looking appliances at the

Here are a few cool stories that show how appliances can be made beautiful and even become works of art.

If you are in the New Orleans area on Sunday, March 29 then check out the ISL Refrigerator Art Auction and Gala, a fundraiser for The International School of Louisiana (ISL).  Auction items include art painted on actual refrigerators and freezer doors,   arty fridge magnets, along with art painted on more “traditional” canvases.  It’s not clear whether the refrigerators actually work or not. I hope they offer home delivery!  For more information visit

I don’t know how I missed this site, especially since some of their refrigerators and dishwashers have been featured in magazines layouts and have appeared on TV; sells 50’s style, retro -looking appliances with “modern functionality, efficiency and dependability.”

Check out their site to see vintage-looking  appliances in bright colors like baby-blue, orange, ballet-pink, and mint green. They also sell dishwashers as well in a similar vintage-looking style. Even though the dishwashers and refrigerators look retro, the appliances are modern. BigChill’s dishwasher are actually 2008 KitchenAid dishwashers, so if you ever needed a KitchenAid dishwasher part, one would be available. So you do not have to sacrifice efficiency or convenience for style.


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