Laundry tips and organizing your laundry room, is a Website by Woolite offering tips on how to wash and dry your favorite items of clothing. Advice comes from TLC’s TV “What Not To Wear” TV show host, Stacy London. The site offers some good washing and drying advice, such as:

Washing Jeans

  • To retain the “snug” fit of your jeans, wash them once a week in a cold/warm wash cycle.
  • If your jeans are made from “stretch denim” or contains some lycra, dry them on high heat for about 40 minutes. If your jeans are older, air dry them first to get most of the moisture out and then throw them in the dry for a quick “blast” of  high heat for 10-15 minutes.

For your sweat pant or favorite pair of lounge pants that are starting to fray or become thin:

  • Remove them from the washer before the spin dry cycle to prevent further wear.
  • Dry them on a medium heat setting or skip the dryer altogether and air dry them on a clothes line or rack.

Washing and drying corduroy

  • Wash corduroy on the delicate cycle in low or medium water temperature.
  • Dry on low heat and do not let them sit in the dryer, remove them immediately as soon as the cycle ends.

You can read the rest of the tip from Stacy London at Woolite’s Website: which is a fun, interactive website set up like a virtual book. The circles on each page are interactive and contain the laundry tips, so be sure to press or click on the button to see how to care for your different items of clothing.

If you are looking for more laundry tips, especially if your clothes are coming out of the clothes dryer ripped, torn, wrinkled ,or smelling like smoke, check out some of the clothes dryer tips on

Now that you are up-to-date on your laundry skills, it’s time to put some thought into the area where you do your laundry. Here’s an article about organizing your laundry room from “Tips to help doing the wash become a chore no more“. Some tips from the article:

  • Build a folding area across the top of your washer and dryer and house your laundry appliances underneath (tip: make sure that the fit is not “too snug” so you can remove your machines for maintenance and cleaning.)
  • Install a shelf above the washer and dryer so you have easy access to detergent, dryer sheets and stain sticks.
  • If you have multiple stain sticks and smaller laundry items, get a Lazy Susan to keep them in reach and catch drips.
  • Use a coat rack to hang larger items out to dry and they will be wrinkle free.

The article offers plenty of other good laundry room organizing tips. Read the rest of the article online.

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