More Green Living Tips: Cheapskate laundry tips and recycling laundry lint

Check out this YouTube Video by Planet Green offering different ways to re-use  or use dryer lint. Suggestions include using it to help start fires in your fireplace or wood burning stove, using it in your compost heap or leaving it outside for birds to use in their nests.

Comments on The Buffalo News’s Money Smart Blog mentioned using dryer lint in crafts such as making lint mice and using lint for stuffing.
Green Plant has another YouTube Video on “Cheapskate Laundry Tips”.  These laundry tips will not only save you money, but are environmentally friendly too, so you will be helping out the planet a little while you get your laundry clean. Some suggestions from the video: wash your clothes in cold water (takes less energy to heat the water and your laundry gets just as clean) do a full load of wash whenever possible and to use the proper amount of detergent (thus saving you money).


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