Why won’t my refrigerator door close properly?

A sagging refrigerator door is more than just a nuisance, it can cost you money. A refrigerator door that does not seal properly costs you more money in energy costs and possible food spoilage. Plus, your refrigerator needs to work harder and run longer to create more cool air for all the cool air that is lost through any door leaks. Luckily, this is a problem that can easily be solved.

Door Gasket 2188444A Whirlpool, $81.71.

Door Gasket 2188444A Whirlpool, $81.71.

First, check to make sure nothing is blocking the door. Check the refrigerator door seal, also called a refrigerator door gasket, and make sure it’s not twisted or coming off. Make sure no part of the seal is bunching up in the opening. If it is, it might be a good idea to replace the gasket with a new one.

Sometimes a refrigerator’s door hinges go out of adjustment. You can sometimes loosen the hinge, re-seat the door properly, and tighten the hinge again. The Family Handyman (put out by Reader’s Digest Magazine) has a helpful article on how to reset refrigerator door hinges yourself: “Straighten Sagging Refrigerator Doors.”

Sometimes there are little plastic spacers on the hinge or hinge pins. They can wear down and prevent the door from closing properly. You can usually determine what the exact problem is with a close visual inspection.

door-hinge-kit-8201707-whirlpool $19.68

door-hinge-kit-8201707-whirlpool $19.68

What is you notice, during your hinge adjustments, that parts of the hinge are wearing out or breaking? You can easily buy replacement refrigerator hinges, cams, pins and other refrigerator replacement parts. All you need is your refrigerator’s model number which is usually located on the inner left wall of your refrigerator. Some models have the model number tag located behind the grill panel. Remove the grill panel to see the model number plate. For more help finding the model number of your refrigerator, visit this helpful page: Locate the Model Number of Your Appliance.


7 responses to “Why won’t my refrigerator door close properly?

  1. My fridge door will not close properly. When we push the door closed, it stops just before the seal hits it to secure the door. Like if the wind slows it down. I have looked at my seal and there seems to be nothing wrong with it. What else good it be? I would really appreciate a response. Thanks

  2. Newer model KitchenAid refrigerator doors have a two piece cam on the lower hinge that assists the door in shutting. This cam is made of plastic and the weight of the door tends to grind away this part quickly. To see if you have the cam and it’s worn, lay on the floor and compare the freezer door to the fridge while someone opens it. If the cam is there, you’ll see the door rise up about a 1/4″ when you open it.
    If the fridge is a newer model, a call to KitchenAid customer service will get you the parts. If it is out of warranty, they will send you the parts for free if you politely point out that an expensive fridge shouldn’t fail like this so quickly.
    This is an easy part to part to replace, though it does require taking the door off to do it. Screwdriver and a small socket set is all that is required. 15 minutes to complete the task, including taking the fridge contents off the door. 🙂

  3. i also have a whirlpool gold.. dont no the model number.. Iv tried to pushing the door up and tightening the hinges but still didnt fix the problem … anyone have suggestions?

  4. It was very simple. The inside light button which is switched on/ off with the closing/ opening of the refrigerator door was forcing the door to open again and again. I put a pin in the button so that it is permanently pushed in/ switched off. It has now no contact with the door and now door is closing smoothly! Now no light in the refrigerator(not so sad) but the door is closing again.

  5. I have a Kenmore ref. model # 795 739 69303. It could be 5-7 years old.

    The upper door (freezer), since new will not stay closed when closing the large lower door. The air pressure from the door opens the upper just enough for the freezer alarm to sound. What can I do to eliminate this?

    Thanks, Jerry

  6. This Whirlpool appliance has had this problem since the day it was delivered. Will they repair or replace it for free?

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