Green appliances sell well in places with unreliable utilities

Green appliances are more than the latest trend in places where water in scarce and electricity outages are frequent, they are a necessity. According to an article by The Latin Business Chronicle, Green Appliances: Strong Potential, green appliances are needed in places that have scarce or unreliable utilities because of their ability to run on little power and to conserve water.

A washing machine made by Mexican manufacturer Controladora Mabe SA, weighs each load of laundry before washing in order to use just enough water to get the load done. Other machines from this manufacturer use sensors to maximize energy savings and conserve water.

Producing energy efficient appliances, not only helps the environment, but it also helps the company’s bottom line. In Controladora Mabe SA’s case, they enjoyed a 40 percent company volume share within their market for 2008.

Read more about energy efficient appliances and the Latin American market at Green Appliances: Strong Potential.


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