A hot water dispenser saves money and energy

If you drink hot tea or coffee all day long, chances are a hot water dispenser attached to your faucet will save you money and time.

According to this article from the TampaBay.com “Hot water dispensers save money, energy”, it takes more energy to heat a kettle multiple times a day than it does to use a sink-mounted hot water dispenser.

Heating water is worse in the summer because, according to the article, “First, it uses electricity to heat the water. Second, your air conditioner must run more to remove this heat from the house. Third, the hot water gives off humidity to the room that makes the air conditioner run even longer.”

Because a hot water dispenser uses an insulated hot water tank under the countertop, very little energy is lost to the surrounding environment and it also uses less energy because it does not cool incoming water coming in from the water line, it keeps a reserve amount of hot water in its tank like a mini water heater. Some models also use a water filter for better tasting water.

Purchase a hot water dispenser online and enjoy hot water instantly for all your favorite beverages. To have even better tasting water, be sure to purchase a new water filter for your home. Using a water filter and drinking filtered water from home will help you be more green and cut down on your use of bottled water.


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