Refrigerator leaking oil-colored liquid

I have read several questions from readers about a mysterious liquid leaking, some describe it as “looking like syrup,” from their refrigerator. If you have a similar problem here are a few things to check.

First, make sure the leak is not coming from a spill inside your refrigerator. A quick check inside your fridge should do the trick.

Second, it is possible that an older spill has leaked into your refrigerator’s drip pan. Remove the grill from the bottom front of your refrigerator and clean the drip pan. Mold can grow in the drip pan, so it’s good idea to clean it periodically.

If your refrigerator is leaking an oily or oil-colored liquid and is not freezing or cooling properly, it’s a good chance that the substance is refrigerator oil. The oil is normally clear and odorless, but when the seal to the system is broken, oxygen can dirty the oil during the compressor burn. The dirty oil is also an indication of a damaged compressor as well.

Since oxygen has somehow entered what should be a sealed system, and the compressor is shot, your best bet is to get a new refrigerator as the cost of repair might be equal to the cost of a new fridge.

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2 responses to “Refrigerator leaking oil-colored liquid

  1. Hi there just a quick question have a machine hotpoint mistral plus frost free r134a recently moved house with it, switched back on after being of for a day temp symbol is flashin and is running quite noisey has only been on for hour is this normal or has it been broke when moved

  2. Yes my fridge is leaking an viscous clear oily substance from the freezer door insulation seal. Could this be from a bad compresser. Or is it something else that is causing this to happen. Jeff

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