Ready your home and appliances for the holidays

I neglected to mention this helpful article from, “15 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays.” However, since there are still plenty of holidays ahead, I feel the information and link is still relevant.

Some helpful and surprising advice mentioned in the article, “Don’t use the self-cleaning cycle to clean your oven.” The reason why, according to the article, “The self-clean cycle is so stressful on the appliance that it could cause it to fail, right before you need it most.”

Instead, the article advises you to clean around the elements, including the heating elements. Some other cleaning advice, make sure your
drip pans are nice and shiny, as shiny surfaces help reflect heat better. You can order new drip pans, heating elements, and oven racks and other oven replacement parts online at

Some other advice from the article:

  • Inspect your refrigerator’s door gaskets to insure they have a tight seal to keep air and moisture from getting into your refrigerator and spoiling food. A properly-fitted gasket will also help your refrigerator run more efficiently as it helps keep warm air from slipping in and cold air from seeping out of the unit.
  • Clean the strainer/filter of your dishwasher and check the bottom of the tub for any pieces of glass, plastic or food particles.

Overall, it’s a very useful holiday check list of things to check, clean, and have on-hand before your holiday guests arrive.

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