How to save on new appliances

This article, Top 7 Ways to Save on New Appliances,” offers some good suggestions on how to save money when shopping for new appliances. Some suggestions from the article include: ask to buy the floor model, offer to purchase appliances with cosmetic damages (scratches and dings) buy last year’s model (best time to shop: September and October) and see if you can trade-in your old appliance (check with appliance dealers in your area.)

After purchasing your new appliance, be sure to read these tips on how to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment: After the Purchase – What to do After You Bring Your New Product Home”. Among the helpful tips listed in the article are: be sure to keep the proof of purchase for warranty purposes (repairs and replacements), register your new appliance’s warranty, and read your appliance’s product manual.

This article, “10 Reasons to Read Your Product Manuals,” offers some convincing points on why you should do this. One important reason is your owner’s manual can offer troubleshooting suggestions and maintenance tips for your appliance that can save you time and money. These tips can point out what might be a simple, easy-to-do repair, or offer advice on how to keep your appliance in good working condition for years to come.

If you have lost your appliance’s manual or are having trouble with your appliance, there are other sources of free repair advice out there. Check out’s Repair Center which offers repair advice for all major household appliances such as refrigerators, gas stoves, washers, and dryers. Best of all, you can purchase appliance parts online, should you need to do a repair. Shipping is fast, so you can receive your appliance part or appliance parts quickly in order to make your repair.


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