Get connected; stay connected with the correct appliance installation parts

Need a part to hook-up your appliance? Order it online at

Need a part to hook-up your appliance? Order it online at!

Sometimes in the course of our lives, say during a move, the hoses used by your dishwasher or washer get lost or damaged. Or, say you want to hook up a new or used appliance and the installation items are not provided or available? No worries, at, we want you to stay connected, that’s why we offer essential appliance installations hoses, connectors, cords, kits and more. Check out our Installation Category on our Website for Washing Machine Drain Hoses, Washer Fill Hoses, Gas Range Connectors, Icemaker Installation Kits, Clothes Dryer Venting Supplies and much more.

If you loose or damage one of these appliance installation parts, you can easily and quickly replace them by ordering the part online. If you need help contact us in one of the following ways: call us toll-free at 1-888-279-2463, Chat Live with us online at, or e-mail us.

You can use our appliance model search to locate the part you need for your appliance by its model number. If you do not know how to locate your model number, check out this helpful page to see where to look on your appliance to find your appliance’s model number.


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