Montgomery Ward Gas Stove, range works but oven does not heat

Question: I have a Montgomery Ward Gas Stove and the oven has stopped working. However, the top burners still work. What could be wrong?

Answer: Check the timer control and make sure the oven is not in the automatic cleaning cycle. Following that, you’ll want to check the common wiring, selector switch, and thermostat. Make sure the controls and selector switches are set correctly. If the range control reads push for manual, push the knob in and try your oven and broiler again. If this doesn’t help, you probably have a faulty selector switch, thermostat, thermocouple, or a wiring problem.

If there is no separate selector switch for bake or broil, most often the problem is the thermostat. There’s not really an easy way to test the selector switch, so if you think there’s a problem with this, you should call a professional appliance repair person. The thermostat should read 0 ohms when in the “on” position. If you need to purchase a Meter, click here.

If you need to know how to adjust your gas oven thermostat, read about how to do it here.

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2 responses to “Montgomery Ward Gas Stove, range works but oven does not heat

    My oven/broiler wouldn’t heat on my Wards stove. It was the timer switch that must have been stuck. I messed with it for a minute or two and the oven came on.
    Kara 🙂

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