Why is my washing machine leaking?

Why is my washing machine leaking? Here are some cheap and easy fixes.

Why is my washing machine leaking? Here are some cheap and easy fixes. Photo source: http://www.sxc.hu

Question: I have Whirlpool Washer and when it goes out of balance with a large load, it leaks water. Why is my washer leaking water and what can I do to prevent this?

Answer: First, try to even out your washing loads in the future. Heavy loads put a strain on your washing machine and are not good for the clothes you are washing either. An overloaded washing machine can cause clothing to get caught in the agitator which can cause rips and tears in your clothes.

If your washer only leaks during a spin cycle, it’s probably caused by a leaky drain hose. You can check to make sure the connections are tight or just purchase a new washing machine drain hose. You can purchase on online at APWagner.com

Over-sudsing is a common problem in homes with a water softener. Soft water and hot water use less detergent, while hard water and cold water need more detergent to clean well. This product, SofChek, will help you to determine if you have soft or hard water in a minute or less. These easy-to-use strips measure the hardness of your water in less than a minute. Just simply look at the color chart provided on the bottle for an instant read-out of the strip to help determine the proper amount of detergent. Lowering the amount of detergent used may alleviate any over-sudsing issues. To find out more about soft water, read this Wikipedia article about soft water.

Leaks on a front-load washer can occur around the door seal. This can happen because of a build-up of dirt and soap on the seal itself preventing a proper seal from taking place. Wipe the door seal carefully making sure that the edge of the washing machine gasket is clean.

Parts of a washer’s plastic bleach dispenser can crack or break off, causing a leak intermittently during the flush process. This is because bleach is a very corrosive chemical. Heavy use of liquid chlorine bleach can pit and rust stainless steel parts. Consider switching to oxygenating bleach, although this type of bleach doesn’t get your whites as white as they can get with liquid chlorine bleach. The good news is, is that you can replace the bleach dispenser on your washing machine.

You’ll want to confirm that the washer fill hoses are connected and properly tightened. Always use new rubber washers when re-installing the hoses. Take care not to over-tighten the connection. Other leaks may be caused by the drain hose being cracked, or by a leaky connection at the washing machine’s water-inlet valve.

Too many suds may cause the appearance of a leak when actually it’s just a sudsy overflow. Sometimes a drain hose leak occurs at the end of the hose where it attaches to the washer. If the hose is long enough you can cut the leaky end off and re-clamp the hose back on. Usually though, when a hose begins to leak, it is best to just replace the hose.

Many washing machine pump leaks happen around the seal on the pulley. Some pumps have a weep hole that lets water drip out when this seal begins to go bad. The solution is to rebuild or replace the pump.

Tub leaks are usually caused by a rotted tub. If this is your problem, consider buying a new washer. Sometimes a constant imbalance can be the culprit. This imbalance can rub a hole in the tub if it consistently runs off-balance. It may be possible to repair the washer tub with an epoxy kit. Tub replacement isn’t usually very economical.

The main washing machine tub seal can also leak. This is located where the transmission and the outer tub in the center. If this seal goes bad, it can be very difficult to replace.

Sometimes the water-inlet valve develops a buildup of mineral deposits and rust. To check this, remove the water-inlet valve and visually inspect the surface.

A Washer Floor Tray is an inexpensive way to help prevent water damage from a leaky washing machine. This tray catches water leaks and prevents floor damage from overflows ands is especially helpful for upstairs laundries. If you cannot afford an new washing machine or cannot get to fixing your leaking washing machine right now, this might be a good short-term solution.

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10 responses to “Why is my washing machine leaking?

  1. I have a frigidaire washer that is 7 years old. I put in liquid detergent and turn it on. Soapy water is leaking out from under the washing machine almost as fast as it is running into the tub. What to do to fix the problem?

  2. i have a whirlpool and it leaks water where the water comes in at to the tub ,even when its not on
    any advice where to start looking for a leak

  3. ratan kumar de

    during washing water leak from bottom of machine.

  4. Is it worth replacing the electronic control panel of the washing machine? Repairer has done once before and it lasted another 14 months. They have suggested to do again.

  5. Onowighose Micah

    My washing machine leaks water whenever I put water into the washing tub. The water is coming out from the drain hose. I dont know what the problem really is.
    My washing machine is Akai Twin Wash Tub.

    Thank you.
    Micah O.

  6. I have had the control panel replaced. It lasted another month. Was not worth it. Sent it in for scrap metal.

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