Proper ways to store your in-room air conditioner

Fall is approaching and it’s time to take out your in-room air conditioner. To make sure it’s ready to go for next year’s hot weather, follow these tips:

  • Change the AC filter now, so it’s all ready to go for next year’s hot weather. Find the filter that fits your AC Unit.
  • Store your air conditioner is a dry, clean, dust-free place. It’s better to use your basement than your garage for storage.
  • If you remove any sealer strips and air conditioner bracket and mounts make sure you package these items together and store them in a safe place so that they are ready to go for next year’s hot weather.
  • Clean the coils once a season or more. Remove the cover and use a soft brush, vacuum, or compressed air to clean them. If you can let the unit sit for a few days to dry, you may want to consider hosing it down. However, it is imperative to let the unit dry completely before plugging it back in. Sometimes a thorough cleaning can get a unit that was running warm to run cool again. The coils need to be clean for proper heat transfer.

Be sure to properly store and cover your air conditioner. Purchase an air conditioner cover online.

If your AC is missing any parts, why not replace them now so that your unit is ready to go for next year! Check out’s Air Conditioner Parts Page.

Is your air conditioner having problems? Check out common air conditioner problems and repair solutions at our repair center.


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