Home selling tips: focus on your kitchen


photo source: stockxchng.com

Selling your home can be stressful event, even in the best real estate market. However, the market today is uncertain at best. What are some ways you can get top dollar for your home?

According to this article on MSNBC, “Getting your house ready to sell,” “The kitchen is everyone’s favorite room in the house.”

Make sure your kitchen is inviting by doing the following:

1. Make sure that all the accessories on the appliances work and that the appliance is in good, top-running order in order to get the top dollar when selling your home. If you need help doing the home repair yourself, this repair guide will help you in your repairs. You can also order any parts you need online right from the site.

2. Replace broken and missing appliance parts with original manufacturer parts. You want to go for a uniform look to make the appliances seem as up-to-date and appealing as possible. You can buy replacement parts for refrigerator doors, racks and shelves. Replace or buy missing knobs for cooktop stoves and ranges. Replace old, stained cooktop burn pans and drip dishes. Replace burnt out lightbulbs in your refrigerator and stove. Replace broken parts on dishwashers including racks and silverware backets.

3. Clean all your appliances (inside and out). Appliances can add value to your home, but dirty appliances are not only unappealing, it can make the home seem rundown and uncared for. Here are some suggested cleaning products to get you on your way:

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